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Gateway to FamilySmart Evidence

Collaboration in Child and Youth Mental Health - This article examines the idea of collaboration and its implications for practice in child and youth mental health in British Columbia and the rest of Canada. Read more>>

Family Centred Practise - Family-centred approach is a help giving practise that is recognized as a key strategy for working with children and their families. Read more>>

Collaborative Practise and Policy - Collaborative models of care in mental health is more effective than standard models of care. Read more>>

Collaborative Research and Evaluation - Collaborative Research and Evaluation is about doing research together with families rather than about families. Read more>>

First Ever Consensus Statements on FamilySmart™

Families need shame-free, guilt-free, stigma-free inclusion & engagement in their children's treatment.”

“Respite is needed as a wellness resource, not a protection or desperation measure for families. Now that's #familysmart!”

These are just 2 examples of the rich comments that young people and families have shared with us about FamilySmart™ and that you will have access to shortly. The thematic analysis for FamilySmart™ is almost complete.  This process has taken more time given the breadth of mediums from which people contributed.  These include:

  • video and digital data
  • reports generated in 2011 through a cross-country dialogue on FamilySmart™
  • Family Forum in 2013
  • online question “FamilySmart is…”
  • conference syllabus and presenter handouts
  • visual art from presenters
  • video recording of our forum theatre session
  • youth Jam Sessions
  • Social media feeds; twitter, facebook and youtube
  • Consensus Builders deliberations
  • Input from Conference Attendees

Over 200 people, from 7 provinces, gathered in Vancouver, BC on May 2 and 3, to build Preliminary Consensus Statements for FamilySmart™ practice for Child & Youth Mental Health. Click here to read the English version statements.

Click here to read the French version statements.

Here is the experience of Andrea Paquette, 'The Bipolar Babe' and her perspective on 'Familysmart' - click here to read. 

Sharing from the heart about FamilySmart™ practice

Quote 3

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What is FamilySmart?

FamilySmart™ is about listening, understanding and responding to the mental health of children, youth and families. It is a philosophy, approach, model, practice, endorsement and brand all rolled into one. It is intended to help families, and those connecting with them in communities and across systems, to identify and act earlier upon what is meaningful for families, and what works to improve child and youth mental health and wellbeing. Click here to download descriptor

How will we achieve our vision?  

Step One: Build the FamilySmart™ model for services, systems and communities

The Institute of Families will continue to develop, test, refine and champion the sustained uptake of the FamilySmart™ model by service systems, community organizations and families. The following deliverables are expected to be in place between 2014 and 2018:

  • Consensus statements (May 2 & 3 at Consensus Conference in Vancouver)
  • Engagement tools (see Step Two)
  • Policy and practice frames
  • Research protocols
  • Core competencies for workforce development and family development
  • FamilySmart™ endorsement program

Progress to Date:

  • 2010 Child and Youth Mental Health Day Research Forum
  • 2011 FamilySmart™ Cross Country Dialogues
  • 2013 FamilySmart™ Family Forum
  • 2014 FamilySmart™ Consensus Conference (Today’s Children and Youth, Tomorrow’s Families: Youth and Family Consensus Conference, May 2-3 Vancouver, BC)  
  • May 7th National Child & Youth Mental Health (NCYMH) Day; launched in 2008 and branded in 2012 as the I Care About You campaign, NCYMH Day events now happen in communities every year on May 7th

Actions for Step One:

  • Use the findings of the May 2014 FamilySmart™ Consensus Conference and 2014 I Care About You campaign to further develop the FamilySmart™ model and implementation process
  • Determine community and service delivery sites in Canada to test and refine model
Step Two: FamilySmart Spectrum of Engagement for Child & Youth Mental Health

Familysmart spectrum May 2016

Click here to read and click here for the Companion document

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